James Bond 007 Movie

Villa Nissos is located just a few meters from the famous beach of Issos, and that is because the movie “For your eyes only”, one of the most famous films of James Bond, was shot there. Filmed in 1981, the film takes place on the coast of Issos, showing scenes from the sandy hills and the blue waters of the beach. The most notable fact is that after 37 years, the landscape remains the same pure and virgin since the beauty of nature has not been altered, but remains to be overwhelming.

Just 400 meters from Villa Nissos, you are on the enchanting Issos beach, where one of the best-known movies in cinematography was shot there. Both for the fans of the film and for those who have not seen it yet, it is a fact that this beach was chosen from thousands of others to accommodate the shooting of the film. Of course, it could not be a better choice!

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